Completed Films

Contrapunctus, The Soul of Bach (2007) BalletEspressivo_Contrapunctus_342227

Choreographer Donna Greenberg brings the beauty and complexity of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music to life through an intricate and sensual ballet danced by members of Ballet Espressivo.

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I Can’t Go On CMJ_0149_preview

I Can’t Go On evokes the terror experienced by leader Mordecai Anielewicz, and Mira Fuchrer as they are chased by their enemies in search of refuge.

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Enchantment (2007) Enchantment_061727e

In this dance fantasy, a sprightly fairy enchants us with her dancing across water and into the mysterious centre of a flower.

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Our Latest One-Minute Films

Dawn (2009) Dawn_still_0128_02110324H_cc

Sunrise. Two lovers meet for a secret tryst in a rose-laden park on a warm summer’s morning.The beauty of this place – the harmony of nature with the intimacy and romance of this couple makes this a rare and timeless encounter in an urban setting.

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The Rift (2009) 20090208-DSC01012

The Wanderer, is peacefully asleep. His lover, a Fairy Maiden, watches over him guarding his rest. The Fates surround them and separate the lovers forever. The cruelty of this separation is captured with the power of its onslaught and the violence of its affect on the two lovers.

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Ravaged (2009) 20080615-_DSC1390

A young woman is ravaged by her oppressor.

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Films Currently in Production

The Wanderer DG_Wanderer3_1042522e

Our first long film.

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The Grande Fugue

Director/Producer Donna Greenberg.

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