Fan Mail

Comments on debut album “Stranger”

Yesterday I got your CD and I was really dazzled! Good music, fine singing, that’s all I can say!!!
—Jani, Vienna, Austria

That CD is worth gold – there is nothing like Cantamos a la Luna to lift my spirits!
—Claude, Toronto

WOW…. I love Cantemos A La Luna!!! It is so beautiful., On first listen, the album is amazing. You are a true talent.
—David, Toronto

I love the CD and the singing. Your voice is just suitable to this kind of music. The arrangement are very professional, but to be expected with Jordan. Of course I loved it all but especially #8 Cantemos A La Luna.
—Beny, Toronto,

Yes, your CD arrived over a week ago and I have been very much enjoying the music. You have a wonderful voice and that is quite the group of musicians as well. A well produced CD with excellent choices of repertoire with a nice variety of styles and moods. I like it especially that your voice does not sound the same in every song. Quite often singers can sound the same no matter what they sing. You have a wonderful tone to your voice and I can easily see or should I say ‘hear’ your voice on the radio!
—Richard, Toronto

I can’t stop listening to your CD. You are truly a big gift,especially as a songwriter! I am very moved by the sincerity and beauty of the melodies you wrote.
—Monica, Guelph

I love your CD. I listen to your song Stranger almost every day. My friends all love it too!
—Marissa (opera singer), Toronto

Love your CD. Where You Are is my very favourite!
—Shari, Toronto

Comments on “Stranger” Launch Party

We had a great time at your concert last week. You were so beautiful and fabulous!!!
—Alex, Toronto

When I saw you on stage tonight you were SHINING from the inside. Your voice came from your center – soul &heart. That deepness comes from a REAL artist – sensual , sensitive yet very airy from the spirit.
—Dorota, Toronto, Canada

Honey, you sizzled! I think that folks love not just your voice but your warm, delightful, and yet sultry and passionate expression.You were fab!
—Sharon, Toronto

You were wonderful last night and your band was top-notch. I just want to note, also, that I enjoyed your compositions very much.
—Gerry, Toronto.

Wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the show. Just wonderful. The mix of songs was great and you sounded superb! Looking forward to listening to my CD.
—Marie-Line, Toronto

Congrats on that wonderful jazz concert. You are so talented and creative, I don’t think there’s much you couldn’t do. You are your best creation. Full of delightful surprises. Thanks for inviting me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love jazz.
—Jean, Toronto

We had a great time at your concert last week. You were so beautiful and fabulous!!!
—Alex, Toronto

Bravo! Your dream came true. You performed with such breezy humour, assured poise and heartfelt emotions. Your voice was perfect for the songs chosen and the musicians heaven sent…… just the beginning!!!
—Vladimir, Toronto

You blew me and everyone else in the room away with your stage presence, great singing and rendition of the beautiful songs you selected, but I was especially moved and impressed by your own amazing originals. You are very gifted!
—Monica, Toronto